Visual Artist

Distant Lens

Distant Lens is a modified 8 x 10” view camera that holds pico-projector inside it’s bellows. Projector screens the video on to camera’s large view finder and creates an illusion where the dynamics of the waves are playing. Custom made lens board holds ethernet socket and cable that replaces camera’s lens and thus making visible what has been the most critical addition of our time to the construction and concept of camera. The video feed that is playing on projector is from web camera that is located in Hawaii. The work emphasis on telematic quality of live web camera feed and works by creating illusion of it even though the material is recorded and edited and looped due practical and visual bases. The camera stands on tripod and the ethernet cable is modified so that it supports the electricity to the projector. The work also looks the blending of photography and video, that are now just a thumbs swipe apart separated in our mobile devices, as the video is viewed in the frame of static camera.

The works Distant Lens and Analogue Waves were exhibited on March 2015 at Gallery Taik Persons Berlin.