Distant Lens / Analogue Waves from Digital Ocean is body of work that constitutes from traditional silver gelatine black and white prints and installed video projection sculpture. The work is an investigation and interrogation on photographic media that has been dramatically changed by the advent of the networked digital culture. Besides the examination on photography, it’s devices, processes and technologies the work creates parallel contemplation on waves and their movement that at once mesmerise and talk on different temporality but also idiomatically express the nature of contemporary photography nested on ubiquitous screens and their endless feeds.

The work Analogue Waves is created from 468 unique black and white prints measured each 9 x 13 cm and making a grid sized of 1,9 x 3,8 m. The prints depicting each different exposure of sea surface with waves is created in traditional wet darkroom by exposing the light to the movement of crushing waves.

The works Distant Lens and Analogue Waves were exhibited on March 2015 at Gallery Taik Persons Berlin.