Do the Clouds Dance if There is Nobody to See, pt.1 

"Do the Clouds Dance if There is Nobody to See" is a 16mm film projection that loops for one minute. The film showcases time-lapsed footage of the nightly sky with cloud formations. The footage is captured by a specially designed low-light camera located on top of a mountain, producing inverted images that resemble the brightness of a midday sky. The feed from the webcam is transferred to 16mm film using digital direct techniques. By reversing and rearranging technologies, the work questions the ways in which these technologies shape our experiences of temporality and spatiality. The use of an obsolete 16mm projector adds a sense of nostalgia, as the film not only depicts clouds reminiscent of 19th-century romantic landscape paintings, but also the grainy texture, dust, and inherent color palette of film materiality. Accompanying the film are polaroid images of the same cloud skies, adding a personal touch and memories to the experience.